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Wed, Feb 21 2024 5:28 AM
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Mawlawi Ahmadullah Wasiq to the students of the sports department of Tatarstan: Afghanistan can host sports competitions and activities.

During his official visit to Tatarstan, the president of the National Olympic Committee and Sports of Afghanistan Mawlawi Ahmadullah Wasiq, visited a number of sports club's and. . .

Mon, Feb 12 2024 7:03 AM
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The 4th round of Futsal has started in Helmand

The initial match of Futsal contests among 10 local teams in central Gymnasium sponsored & collaborated by Helmand’s Futsal Committee, Municipality & Hemat Mobile center is won by. . .

Thu, Feb 01 2024 6:14 PM
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The Wrestling/Koresh Contests in Kapisa Province

The Wrestling contests b/w 30 Wrestlers from 3 Categories (Teens, Youths and Grown-ups) is carried out for 1 day in coordination with Kapisa’s Sports directorate.

The contests are. . .

Wed, Jan 31 2024 5:19 AM
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The Upgrading Belts to Wushu Athletes in Logar Province

The Upgrading Belts to 150 Wushu players are granted in Mirzai Culb in coordination with Wushu Federation, along with 3 BLACK BELTS to other Wushu individuals.

At the end of the. . .

Mon, Jan 29 2024 6:31 PM
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The End of Futsal Contests in Ghazni

The contests b/w 6 local teams which lasted for two weeks in Waghaz district ended with the decisive victory of Bulbul team.

The Finale was played amongst Ittihad & Bulbul teams, as a. . .

Sun, Jan 28 2024 10:17 AM
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The Start of Wrestling Contests in Kabul

The Wrestling contests b/w 25 Clubs among 300 Wrestlers has started in 2500 Gymnasium in coordination with Wrestling Federation.

The contests are played b/w three categories of. . .

Sat, Jan 27 2024 6:21 PM
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The Volleyball Tournament in Laghman has ended

The Volleyball contests in Ali Shang district of Laghman province financially supported by sports authorities and youths’ b/w 24 teams which lasted 21 days has ended with the decisive. . .

Thu, Nov 30 2023 7:08 AM
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The end of Futsal contests in Ghazni

The contests b/w 16 teams for 10 days in Angori sports club, Jagori district has ended with the decisive victory to Sharif’s team.

The finale was played amongst Ustad/Teacher Sharif’s. . .